The Journey

Throughout my life, there have been significant moments that have altered my thoughts, personal choices, and creative directions.  Below, are the significant life changing moments of my journey.   

Please note: I am still working on this process.   


Early Years


From the beginning, there was something very different about this young woman. As a child, she had the energy of a wildcat, the mind of an inventor, the determination of a gentle mountain stream on its way to the Ocean, and a heart as vast as the Universe.




Knowing that I wanted to be a full time artist, I knew I had to create a lifestyle that was compatible with a low, or periods of no income.  In 1977, I bought 5 acres of wooded land on the side of a hill in West Hebron, New York.  I learned the basics of construction while building a 20' x 20' wood-framed cabin.  I chose to not put electricity in. I cleared an acre of the land for a garden.  I grew, fished and foraged for most of my food.   The wood from the land provided fuel for heating and cooking.  I dedicated several hours a day to the daily chores, allowing the rest of the time for drawing, painting, and developing a freelance commercial art business to pay for the things that I could not produce my self or could not barter for.


New York City

A friend introduced me to New York City in the early 1980's.  I was drawn in by the intensity of what the city had to offer me personally and as an artist.  Over the next 16 years, I would spend one or two months of time in the city in order to study at the Art Students League and draw daily from the works of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, contact galleries, and spend hours drawing from the surrounding street scenes.



(1986-2000)  Arizona offered a deep look into my soul.  The wide open spaces, the bare bones of the earth, and ancient cultures, gave me a perspective that no other place could. Time was arranged in layers and spirals rather than linear.  Paintings returned to my surreal roots. Color Paintings emerged.  And the Humanity series reached full bloom.  In the final year, I did an apprenticeship with a stone carver.



(2000-still going). Moving to Maine was a return to the seasons, the Ocean, and an active arts scene.  Stone carving shifted to wood carving.  I began working at the Portland Museum of Art in 2008, which continues to expand my knowledge of that aspect of the art world.