Collecting Art Made Easy

Collecting Art Made Easy

Setting up an ART FUND:

  • You select the artwork which you will be purchasing.

  • You come up with a comfortable monthly payment to send to the Artist.

  • Artist and buyer write up an agreement.

  • Buyer sends check. Artist will send you a monthly receipt.

  • When the full amount is reached, the artwork will be yours.

  • Buyer pays for shipping and if you live in Maine, the 5.5% sales tax will be added.

The Importance of supporting individual Artists

By investing in an Artist that you believe has the ability to influence our culture/society in a positive way, your investment goes to building a healthier community.

A Patron reduces the mental and physical stress of an Artist to earn a living wage. This allows the Artist to fully focus on a consistent flow of creativity.

As a Patron, you are giving an individual Artist a pathway towards success.

Become a Full Time Patron

  • You express your belief in Clara Cohan as an important Artist

  • You come up with a comfortable monthly payment to send to the Artist.

  • Artist and Patron write up an agreement.

  • Artist will send you a monthly receipt.

  • If and when you wish to purchase an artwork, I will fulfill your request using funds from your account.

In the words of one delighted Collector, Kelley Boero:

”The ART FUND allows me to buy quality works of art at an easy pace.   Clara and I developed the fund over six years ago based on an informal layaway program, but with a much better name. Fixed monthly payments gave me the flexibility to purchase fine art paintings and bronzes I would have never considered owning.  Installments are set-up through my bank auto paying option that does not stress the budget.  With a little-delayed art gratification put in practice, I have become a proud owner of some remarkable and beautiful pieces that decorate my Maine home, and with the bronzes, I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the foundry and follow my piece's development. 

In many ways, the ART FUND was my avenue in becoming a collector of Clara's work.”


You can purchase an artwork directly through the artist with one check. You, as the buyer, will pay the price listed, plus the shipping cost.  (packing the artwork is the artist's responsibility). If you live in Maine, there will be 5.5% sales tax added.