OH MY HEAD! is an expression of the crazy, "I can't keep up with".....everyday there is something that nearly blows me (and my head) away, such as the scary way people behave, the latest environmental disaster, ignorant people making important decisions, and on and on. I do believe this sculpture is an accurate reflection of how humans are feeling...a different version of Edward Munch's, "The Scream".

Size: 25.5” x 12” x 9”

Medium: Laminated maple (figure), ebonized, found in ocean, Douglas fir timber (base), copper powder, teak oil, poly-acrylic varnish, magnets

Price: $3,370




Two different type of woods have been used in the sculpture.  The figure is from a found laminated maple cutting board. The "cliff" base was a timber floating in the Ocean and had come to rest on the shore.  The figure and the base are joined together by magnets which allows for easy removal for shipping.

The finish on the "cliff" is oil paint mixed with teak oil. Copper metal dust was then rubbed into the surface.  The figure has several coats of varnish.

NOTE:  This piece is currently at the foundry having a mold made of it.  The original wood piece will be back from the foundry by mid-April.  The bronzed edition of eight, will be available after June, 2018.  (Price for the bronze: $4,950)